We would like to take this opportunity to wish all our clients. friends, competitors and followers a Happy Christmas.


I am quite sure that we are all looking forward to getting 2020 out of the way as it has been a year like no other.


January 2020 we started to hear more about this new virus that had hit parts of China. Stories of the Australian bushfires were awful as they were running rife. Harry and Meghan decided that they no longer wanted to be royalty bit wanted to keep all the financial perks!

February we had a general election here in Ireland with no clear winners. The news re this new virus started growing exponentially and was in Europe and in particularly Northern Italy. The stories being released were frightening.

March – The stock markets crashed. St Patricks day was cancelled and there was not a drink to be had in a pub. At the end of the month we went into a complete lockdown with travel restrictions and only essential workers were allowed to travel. The country got fit by walking!!!!

April – The entire world appeared to come to a standstill even sport was cancelled even toilet roll became scarce

May – Parts of the southern hemisphere appeared to flatten the curve in particular in Australia and New Zealand, Rumours became rife that North Korea leader Kim Jong-un had dies accept that he didnt. Restrictions started to be lifted in Ireland and we slowly returned back to work

June   George Floyd was murdered in Mineapolis and the Black Lives Matters campaign arose again. Sporting fixtures started again behind closed doors and unfortunately Liverpool clinched their first league title in over 20 years

July  European airways were reopened again and restrictions were further eased. News of a new Oxford University vaccine was released giving some hope that better times maybe on the way

August – New Zealand announced that they had gone 100 days without any covid cases. John Hume the Nobel peace prize winner passed away. Arsenal won the FA cup final in an empty Wembley stadium. Students finally return to schools

September –   David Attenborough becomes the fastest person to have 1million followers on Instagram. Unfortunately new restrictions have to be reinstated in Europe

October – Donald Trump tests positive for Covid 19. Storm Alex brings the UKs wettest day in history . The Cork Plumber took on new staff to keep up with the new extra business

November  –  Joe Biden was elected the new President of the USA. Kylie Mynogue became the first woman to top the UK Album charts over five consecutive decades. Pfizer and Astra Zennica release results of their vaccine tests stating that they were found to be over 90% successful

December –  Europe and USA sign off on the new vaccines bringing some light at the end of a rather long  tunnel.


Finally the year ends with some positivity – it has been a particularly gloomy year but throughout I believe that mankind has won. We have all worked together with a common goal. As a business we have been extremely busy. We have expanded and been lucky enough to have worked with some wonderful clients. The plan is for us to get even better but this can only be done with your continued support. May we take this opportunity to thank you all for your business . We wish you a very Happy Christmas and  the very best wishes for 2021. It can only get better



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